Wallpapered Faux Tile Countertops

by THAT Painter Lady

faux-tile-counter-topsSpeaking of countertops,

I thought you might like to see what I did with mine.

I painted them and wallpapered them to look like tile.

We put a think clearr coat on top.

Here are a couple of photos

(before and after)

Pattie Mehrlefaux-tile-countertops

Just look at what Pattie did with her

laminate counters!

Unique and cheap ideas just keep

pouring in.

Can you believe she did this with



Even the corners look amazing.

The process took some thought

to “map” out the tile.

For corners to look this perfect

she did a very careful job of cutting

the tile to fit just right.



faux-brick-fireplaceHi Debra!

Since you liked my kitchen countertop photos, I thought I would share my faux fireplace photos with you.

I painted the fireplace, and actually built the mantle as well.

I used stone accent spray paint for the stones and bricks.

It makes a nice addition to my bedroom. Pattie


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