Faux Granite Countertop Finish

by THAT Painter Lady

Hey Debra,

Tammy Benson here. I am designing a counter top finish for a client of mine. I am doing a frottage on top of a sponge finish and my plastic wrap is not leaving the deep spider veining that I am trying to achieve. I am using acrylics. How long should I let the paint stand before I apply the plastic wrap and how long should I leave the plastic wrap in tact?

I have tried several applications. I have tried using the hard end of a small veining brush to draw veins? through the wet paint, but unfortunately this will take longer than I have on an entire counter top. I have also tried plastic bags, but I need to cover a larger area with continuity.

The sample I am duplicating is rouge dragon. A beautiful granite. I have matched my colors and they look awesome. And the finish I have developed is so close. Any advice would be appreciated.

> Tammy Benson
> Finishes By Design

Hi Tammy.

Your project sounds great! Granite can be tough, but it sounds like you really have a handle on it!

If you are wanting to create veining within the finish, try waiting until after it has dried. I use both a veining brush and a feather and then use a badger hair brush to soften and blend while the paint is still wet on the vein itself. But the key for me is the blending. It really makes the finish look natural.

Let me know if that works.

Would you mind attaching a picture so we can see what this rouge dragon granite looks like?

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