Marble Brushes and Other Faux Painting Tools

by THAT Painter Lady

marble veining feathersMarble Veining Feathers

There is no need of special brushes or tools for any of the faux wood graining, faux granite painting or faux marble techniques described, and the ones described as useful will more than suffice.

Brushes For Painting The Backgrounds:

A few of the larger flat paint brushes
Several smaller flat brushes to lay in colors in smaller groups,
A dry blending badger (or two)

Small Brushes and Veining Feathers:

  • Some fitches or small bristle artists’ brushes and some camel’s hair liner brushes
  • a few wing and tail feathers for putting in some of the finer veins

Paint Supplies for Marbling or Graining

White will form the bulk of you paint needs, as it is used either as a base or by itself in all the marbles that will be described, with, of course, the exception of the black marbles.

As there are so many colors used in imitating marbles, a description of the colors needed are listed with each marble tutorial.

Sealers and Varnishes for Faux Finishes

Light varnishes are required in order to give the finished marble or faux wood a uniform appearance and as a protection.

This is the hardest part of all to decide, as the stronger ones are not fit to use over white or even upon some of the darker ones having white veins, because it will turn them yellowish.

Winsor & Newton Dammar Varnish

Damar varnish is forced upon the marbler, so there is little wonder if many prefer to leave the work as it is without varnishing.

All the above applies to oil color marbling only as work done in water based paints is varnished with a polycrylic sealer.

The colors needed in water based or acrylic painted marbling are the same as for oil paint.

Click Here for a checklist of faux painting tools.

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