Here Is An Easy Way To Paint Dove Marble

by THAT Painter Lady

dove-marbleThis marble is one of the easiest to imitate on the whole list. It is a veined marble and chiefly a warm gray with white veining.

The background color for dove-marble is a warm grey, formed of black, white, and a small proportion of red.

The first process is to lay over the work with a transparent grey color, mixed of white and black, and made a little lighter than the background.

This color is mixed with faux glaze liquid so that you will have some time to work with the color – blending before everything dries up.

The next color, which is made four or five shades darker than the ground, the character veins of the marble are formed. a feather tool is used for creating marble veining. All the colors are then blended with a hog’s-hair softener.

The light grays are then highlighted with white so as to give a stronger and bolder character.

Carefully blending and balancing of colors is essential… so that the finished work looks very much like the original.

Painting A Different Variety Of Gray Marble

There is a grey marble which may be readily mistaken for dove, but requires a different process in painting.

The ground, which is a light grey, is made of black and white.

The work is first laid over with glazing liquid, as in the imitation of dove-marble, but instead of taking the dark lines up and down, they are thrown into a diagonal direction.

This being done, the colors are blended with a hog’s hair softener, moving the brush in every direction.

Instead of taking a white color to harmonize with the darks, the character is introduced in a rough manner, and the colors are blended with a softener, which gives great transparency to the work.

To heighten the work, a more opaque color is used, with a feather, and gently softened with a badger.

Having proceeded thus far, mix a little white glaze up, and sprinkle the area with a clean brush, which has the effect of blending the tints; and the entire surface is then again softened.

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