Faux Marble Painting

by THAT Painter Lady

Faux Marble PaintingThe imitation of marbles and other stones of a variegated character is much older than that of the imitation of woods by faux wood graining. Many wealthy home owners compete with each other in the lavish decoration of their palaces, which are, of course, the real thing.

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But many of us mere mortals – who can not afford these expensive finishes, have an opportunity to have these gorgeous finishes in our homes by using faux marble painting techniques.

The explosion of marble and granite in various home decorations, has give all of us the ability to the use something better than the miserable paper imitations which have paraded as marble, or rather been a parody upon it.

For many purposes painted faux marble and granite is beginning to be used much more extensively than ever before and good imitations always captivate peoples attention. It’s not unusual to find that when once introduced in a neighborhood it soon happens that the painter who is able to do a good job is soon overrun with work.

Many restaurants, shopping centers and public buildings where the real stone is too expensive; but their use is almost imperatively demanded by good taste turn to Faux Marble Painting as an arternative.

An endless variation in variously formed panels and cornices and surrounding styles, where contrasting colored varieties of marbles and granites can be used, or their use in plain slabs as desired, will enable the artist who does the marbling to produce an individuality of work on every job.

The good marbler is entitled to be called an artist, but almost anyone can achieve fantastic results with a bit of patience and some easy tricks of the trade.

The execution of faux marble with paint does not demand great ability.The artist’s skill is developed and shown in the proper arrangement and use of coloring, and also in the proper use of a few simple tools.

Many marbles resemble each other very closely excepting in their coloring, and even in marbles of the same quarry there will be found such variations in the forms of their veining’s, agglomerations in those of conglomerate form that really no well defined description can be given of any of them. By F. MAIRE

That’s a mouthful isn’t it? What it means is… all marbles are mostly similar in markings… the colors will be different. But every piece of stone is unique. Just like a natural finger print. No two pieces of marble or granite will ever be identical.

The general characteristics is all that can be said of any of them and with some general directions given for each “style” or “type” of marble you should be on your way to creating your own marble architecture.

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