Faux Marble Paint Bathroom Floor

by THAT Painter Lady

This is a copy of part of the email I send to all my faux painting video clients:


Just checking in to see if you have used your new faux grainite and marble video yet?

Did you try out painting faux granite countertops? Or maybe you are faux marbling something in your home?

Please…send me photos of the walls or objects you painted.

This is a reply I got a few days ago:

I think I’ve made very good use of the video I purchased from your website.
For a long time I’ve thought about painting our laminate counters but paint is so permanent and what if I goofed. Painting the floor of a bathroom seldom used seemed like a good place to practice.
Tell me what you think.


Wow… this is so cool.

Now if I can get Marcia to share the colors and any specific materials she used that might not be included in the faux marble video shopping list.


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