Yes – everyone calls me THAT Painter Lady!

Sponges, brushes, rags, buckets of paint and step ladders are my “wardrobe” accessories. There are times when I have some rather strange colored highlights in my hair, and my hair stylist isn’t at fault.  I’d rather wear comfortable casual clothes than corporate suits any day.  So that’s what I do…

I left the corporate rat race about 15 years ago and dove headlong into the custom faux finishes world.  As an art student I knew that I would use my creativity as a personal expression of love and friendship. I never dreamed that I could use this gift to bring beauty and   color into living and working spaces.

My passion now is to turn boring white walls into walls full of color and realistic architecture like faux exposed brick wall paintings.  I call it the “oooohhh” effect!   When someone walks into a room that was void of interest in the morning and now there is a new window with a view of Italy or maybe the room now resembles a faux exposed brick wall painting andcourtyard filled with potted plants…. “oooohhh” is usually the first word I hear.

I often paint alone, plugged into my mp3 player while the hours (and daylight) disappear. Teaching while painting gives me a fun break to the “alone” time.  I teach while I am working in a client’s home, so students are acting much like an apprentice.   Sometimes we get to laughing and giggling so much that the clients want to sit in the room with us, just to join in the fun.

My husband has come to the rescue many times.  Scaffolding can be tricky to maneuver and very heavy.  He has also been called into duty for lunch runs and art critiques on my stuck days. Ryan is also self-employed< and so we understand each others crazy work schedules.

We have two grown sons.  They learned from an early age, that Mom liked to decorate.  Anything.  They did get a tiny bit of ribbing when they wore the T-shirts I painted. I had a glue gun and a sewing machine. That was a dangerous combination.

The two Yorkies pictured here are our at home kids now.  Suzie and Ted.  It’s amazing what those two little mischief makers can do with painting supplies.  I have had to clean off turquoise tails and fuchsia noses.

Teaching faux exposed brick wall painting and sharing my personal style with students is my passion. I usually teach one student at a time on real walls and in realistic painting environments.

With my new video/book series – starting with Faux Brick and Block Painting many students will be taught “one at a time

Click Here Faux Brick.

Have Fun and Lets Go Paint !


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